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Is Art and Music Education Essential for All Kids?

The moment we speak about complete education, we instinctively associate art and music to the core curriculum. Art and music add value to the overall development of a kid’s psychology. It affects the little one’s perceptions about the things around him, making him a better and reasoned person as an adult. From the time a kid associates himself with the world, the first thing he recognizes is his mother’s lullaby. It is this lullaby that is a kid’s first association with music. Have you ever noticed the glow in the kid’s eyes when he hears Kids personalized music? It’s the beginning of a life long affair with art and music.

Art & Music – A Kid’s First Teachers

Music for a kid is the art of expressing emotions. The kid learns that the subtle language of love and care is different from the other noise around him. The very first thing he learns is the education that reaches his soul, purifying his thoughts and reasoning process. If we talk about science, mathematics, history, social science, all these subjects come later in a kid’s life. All this education would prove meaningless, if the kid doesn’t grow up to be a responsible, logical and sensible human being.

By helping the kid’s reasoning sense develop well, kids personalized music helps develop great problem solving attitude in him. Art and music ensure that the kid develops self-confidence, empathy, logical attitude, creativity and social responsibility. Our foremost desire should be to make the education system complete in all respects.

Communication Made Simple

As music and arts help communicate effectively, kids love to express their emotions in terms of music or a painting. The melody, rhythm and harmony in music reach his brain in waves teaching him to differentiate between good from bad. Similarly, when he learns to draw his first amateurish painting, he learns how to express himself in colors. Kids learn functional communication, cognition, and interaction, hence adding getting into academic learning in a more proficient manner.

You may have noticed young kids making hand and facial gestures while listening to kids personalized music, it makes them overcome the fear of expressing themselves in public. They communicate with ease and in a better manner than ever.

Art and Music Build Strong Personality

Kids are like wet clay which needs to be given a proper shape from childhood. Strong morals and sense of responsibility is built through a kid’s participation in various forms of art and music. We can not build a race that has strong morals if we can not get to touch their souls. And, expression via music and arts is one way we can provide subtle lessons that would stay with them for their life.

You can try making your kid listen to personalized kids CDs, which are full of nice songs with a moral hint to it. Music is generally loved by kids, and you would not have to force anything on the kid. You would notice that without much effort …

Benefits Of A Musical Education On Children

Article from: My Family UK

Music education classes can enrich the life of an adult or child in many ways. Children who learn a musical instrument or sing usually perform better on test scores at school.

Music and the family

Learning a musical instrument is a great way to help focus your child’s mind, and start unlocking new channels of creativity. The whole family can benefit from this sort of musical education, as you will watch your child learn and develop, but also be there to encourage them and help them practice. If you’re still unsure, read the following explanations, and see if you feel differently.

1) Self-confidence

For those who have music education classes in school, learning an instrument and playing in a band can be lots of fun. Children as young as eight or nine can be taught how to play a variety of instruments. Bands usually have concerts on a regular basis where the children can play for their parents and others in the school. Interaction during classes and a performance in front of an audience allows the child to build their social skills, and be rewarded with praise for their efforts.

2) Quick thinking

Learning about the value of notes, time signatures, and exits and entrances helps develop the rapid response system of the brain. Translating the notes into hand positions and the beats into seconds will also improve focus, add to mathematical skills, and improve the brain’s analytical faculty.

3) Stress Reduction

Music has widely been regarded as an effective mean to reduce stress. In fact, this is one of the reasons that make music education so popular. Many people actually feel calmer and cheerful when playing music, including children. However, heavy metal or rock music tends to have the reverse effect on many people and it is generally not suitable as a mean for stress reduction.

4) Independence

If there is no music education program offered at a child’s school, their parents can opt to send the child to private lessons. This are just as beneficial, but in a different way. Instead of being part of a band, the child will have to learn to rely on themself when it comes to getting notes right, timing, and the discipline of practising. Of course, their parent can play a large role in this particular area.

Further Information

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On Fractions

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Nothing can stop me from preventing for a better system that I think about myself being a part of. And I also actually believe that if all my fellow-future lecturers banded together – especially in partnership with present educators – nothing may stop us from taking again the career we love, the imaginative and prescient now we have for what schooling should and will be, and resolving our fears of what lay forward for many of us.

In regards to increased schooling within the United States, the present economic downturn poses both a chance and a threat; a chance in that more residents are returning to highschool to improve their knowledge and skills in hopes of better job prospects and a risk in that state-run institutions are receiving less authorities help resulting from necessary finances cuts (Osborne, 2009; Leonard, 2009).

It was signed into regulation on January 8, 2002 and reauthorized a variety of federal packages that aimed to improve the performance of U.S. primary and secondary college students and faculties by increasing the requirements of accountability (larger standardized check scores) for states, school districts and colleges, in addition to providing parents extra flexibility in choosing which specific schools their kids will attend.

From 2000 to 2013 (the most recent yr statistics are available), the share of Kansans 25 and older with a two-year, four-12 months or superior diploma has grown from from 32 % to 39 percent, the % of Kansans with some college” has held regular at 25 p.c, and the number of students completing technical packages has elevated, according to state higher training officers.

Online Teaching Jobs: Teaching Music Online

Many thousands of music teachers give instruction to learners in their own homes every day. People with a music teaching qualification have long been well placed to work from home. With the advent of the internet a new dimension has been added. Now the student need not commute either. Music teachers may not have considered online teaching jobs, having become accustomed to the traditional face-to-face teaching jobs.

For music teachers, an online teaching job is not impossible to create, even if it lacks the personal contact that they, and music students, may be accustomed to. However, teachers hoping to create a teaching job for themselves using the internet will need to think carefully about the medium and how it can most effectively be used for students’ benefit.

Online Music Lessons

If you are a music teacher you will know that mastering a musical instrument has many facets. A serious student of music will have to engage with many different aspects of the subject beyond the core task of playing the instrument of their choice. To acquire proficiency, the music student must read music and understand music theory. Understanding the history of music in general and as it pertains to the musical instrument they are learning to play is part of a well-rounded musical education. Musicians must also develop a critical ear, by listening to the maestros and developing the skills to criticise and appreciate their accomplishments is another dimension of learning music.

All these aspects of learning music can be taught by music teachers in the context of an online teaching job. In addition, the interactive nature of the internet means that it is also entirely possible to give practical instruction as well. This may not have the intimacy or directness of traditional teaching but it can still be effective. Music teachers should remember that for some learners, including those who live in remote areas, who are disabled or otherwise isolated, the online learning option may be the only one available.

Music teachers working in online teaching jobs will find that video links make many of the tasks of conventional teaching entirely possible. You may not be able to physically correct a learner’s hand position but you can still instruct them on correct technique and demonstrate it via video. Most importantly, you can hear your students as clearly as if they were in the room with you – and certainly well enough to give them feedback on their performance, including technical aspects and interpretation of the piece, amongst other aspects.

Another option for music teachers interested in online teaching jobs is the equivalent of homework help. Learners seek tutoring assistance, including mentoring to keep them on track with the syllabus and help with test preparation in music, as in other academic subjects. If you have a passion for music then your enthusiasm and expertise could be hugely helpful to students seeking that extra bit of input to boost their success. If you have the verbal communication skills as well as …