University of Phoenix Reviews – The Positives and the Negatives of Studying There

Whether you are a student or a working adult, obtaining education degree online has become an easy way of life to achieve a successful career. A number of schools and universities have mushroomed in different parts of the world to provide education. They have their presence in the online medium as well. Out of these numerous schools and universities, how does one get to know which is the best out of the lot that suits his/her needs and parallely provides the degree in the respected area of interest?

The simple answer to this question is Research. Start researching on the degrees and the schools which you have heard of or are recommended by friends/professors and other reliable sources of information. When researching, reviews extend their helping hand in knowing about the subject better. So in this article we provide you with the reviews on a top notch University i.e. The University of Phoenix.

The University of Phoenix Reviews, as provided by ,  goes like this:

This University was started early in the 1970s. They provide quality higher education to the adults. Theirs, is a novel and fresh approach towards the courses to ensure that they deliver quality education. There are many courses, Degree programs, Certificate and Non-Degree Programs, as well as Military programs that are offered in the University of Phoenix at under graduate, Graduate, Associate, and Doctorate levels.

The University of Phoenix online program offers students the opportunity to learn in the areas of: Business, Information Systems, Education, Nursing, and Technology at their own pace and from the comfort of home.

About Accreditation, it was the first accredited online university and today with over 57,000 enrolments to its credit, it has become the largest private accredited online university in the United States. Because of its tenure and name recognition, it bags the top of the mind recall of most students and working adults when asked about a university providing higher education. This reputation is not without merit, as the University offers students a great deal that the other online schools simply cannot compete with.

Because it has been into this arena since a long time now, it has perfected the art of serious online teaching. For students, it offers a curriculum that equips them with theory and practicals to make them highly competent in their area of interest to ensure they come out with flying colors in their professional careers; and for working adults, the curriculum helps them in supplementing their working knowledge with a sylabi to help them perform better on their current positions or to get a hike in their salary packages or even to apply for a higher position in the organization.

Virtual classrooms with trained online instructors and flexible but strict classroom participation and assignment submissions make learning comfortable. So much so, that the students are able to complete almost 27 credits in a year as against 15 credits completed by regular on site campus learning students. With only 11 students in a class, the student to instructor ratio is low, facilitating greater one on one interaction. The instructors themselves are CIOs, CEOs and CFOs of reputed companies when they are not mentoring students in the classrooms.

But then like every thing in this universe, negatives do exist and this University is no exception. Sometimes students complain about below average quality of instructors who do not participate in the discussion or evaluation to the extent that has been promised. Lack of communication skills in some cases and at others complete or partial silence towards questions posted has been observed. This is a serious allegation considering that the good communication and prompt interactions with the students of the class are very vital for any online course. Add to this, students often complain that when a grievance or concern is addressed to the deputed ‘advisor’ an endless string of communication follows with little or no action actually taken.